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  1. Marion Lee Ayers Says:

    I am a former High School History & Government Teacher who finds that I really knew nothing about the true History of the world and more especially my beloved America. I am 78 years young and recently lost my wife of 57+ years to Alzheimers and I now live in an Independent Living facility having sold our honme. For the past 20 years I have spent much time trying to learn the TRUTH. I based this learning on a Biblical statement, “that the TRUTH shall set you FREE.” I weep for our Country and what has happened to it over all these years as Satan has blinded us from that TRUTH that I am seeking. I have two sons (both doctors) and two daughters (both trained as school teachers) who are equally blinded and I am trying my best to open their eyes. Like puppies and kittens, their eyes have been closed since birth and ever so slowly are being opened to “some truths”, but they think I am a sort of a wing nut conspiracy conservative when I echo many of the things I heard in your “Three Foundings of America.” I also have seven wonderful grandsons and one perfect granddaughter. I want them to be wide eyed and attentive to all of these truths. All are born again Christians thank God. That alone is a good start, but they need to continue their learning processes in that vein also.

    I was raised a Democrat in a big time Democrat family. My Father was a Newspaper publisher of two daily newspapers. He was a Past President of the Democrat Editorial Association and Past President of the Hoosier State Press Association in Indiana. I was president of the of the Young Democrats Club my Senior Year in college. I was also asked if I would run for the House of Representatives (which I turned down for many reasons.)

    My Dad resigned from the Newspaper in my home town and became a member of the Governor’s Staff as Director of Commerce and Public Relations for Indiana under the Schricker administration. During this time he became a devout Christian and a spectacular student of the Old Testament and later the New Testament. He remained a student till his dying day and it would take a book to tell you everthing he accomplished during this time. Through his studies and his teaching me, we both became born again Christians and extremely conservative and both switched to the Republican Party (as voters only, with no official party offiliations or jobs.) As a side note, at a very early age, I think 39 years old, Dad was offered a job as the Senior Editor of the New York Times, which he promptly turned down. That to is a miraculous story, but too long to go into here.

    I have had so many eye opening events since that time that I have felt the Lord was leading me for some reason. I am not in good health and wonder, what I can do to awaken my family and friends to the lies that we have been spoon fed and brain washed to the point where we have accepted these lies as truth. Through my studies I have been continually led to more truths and by those who are really teaching the truth. A perfect example of this is the video I just watched conducted by Mr. Pratt on the July 25, 2004 in Fairview, Utah. Now I am wondering how I can get Mr. Pratt to put on a complete Conference in Greenville, SC. What is the cost involved to undertake such an event? I have several Friends of influence in the local Constitution Party who sponsored a Conference with many great speakers of which the main one was Chuck Baldwin, noted Conservative Pastor from Florida. This conference was held at the local Hilton Hotel and fairly well attended.

    If someone could give me some guidance as to the steps required in organizing such a converence I would be most

    I am in awe at the at the “Three Foundings of America” What an eye opener that was.

    May I please have a response from someone who can assist me in this endeavor?

    God bless you all and God bless America.

    Lee Ayers

  2. Seth Bartschi Says:

    I watched all the videos that were posted on the awake and arise website but when friends and family recently tried to view them they were no longer available. Are they available on DVD?

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