Understanding our Constitution

An in depth look at our constitution, it’s history and current challenges. Steve Pratt speaker at freedom 21 KY 2006.

2 Responses to “Understanding our Constitution”

  1. Troy Enniss Says:

    With a humble heart…. I thank you Brother Pratt. God rest your soul.

    Your insight and wisdom, your knowledge and zeal will be missed. I judge of you a true liberty lover, supporter and defender. I can only assume that the Savior had a smile on his face when your passed from here to there unto Him.

    The torch you held high illuminated by the works of your life stands as a testimony of Him whom you honored by those works.

    The Savior Jesus Christ is the author of Liberty, everything we hold dear as pertaining to the Constitution and freedom has it’s origins and roots firmly founded in the Saviors single act and labor of love that constitutes his perfect atonement and all that it encompasses and redeems.

    Shall not we find ourselves in defending so great a cause?

    Therefore, We should “waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light the hidden things of darkness”… as did you. Thank you for that example and legacy to us all that you have left behind.

    Our prayers of support and love are with those loved ones you have preceded.

    Rest in peace and God speed.

  2. Ignacio Lopez Says:

    I liked the video that Brother Pratt made on the laws of freedom and liberty. Although I am Hispanic and not
    mainly of European ancestery, I still consider the forefathers as my own forefathers because of their noble desires for this freedom that we as individuals and as a nation seem to be losing. We must be strong to learn what our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have in mind for us as a nation as well as individuals so that we don’t lose this freedom and liberty to wickedness and all like on to it. It seems that I must do more and more get away from all of the worldliness and evil around me that seems to be more subtle than at previous years. The signs of the times are so evident now like the defiling of the human temples our bodies with graffiti tattoos. Also the violent sport of mixed martial arts that is so popular now. I fear for this Country now and and pray that I have the courage and means to save my loved ones and friends from this evil. I must warn my neighbors and friends that we must of keep The Lord’s commandments and fight to preserve the constitution before it hangs with a thread if it is not doing so already.

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