Stephen Pratt speaking to Sheriffs at WSSA conference

Stephen Pratt from Utah, teaching about “Untangling Federal Jurisdiction in your County.” An extremely interesting presentation on how the federal government took possession of the majority of land in the Western States.

Disclaimer: Mr. Pratt’s views are not necessarily the views of the membership of the Western States Sheriffs Association. His presentation was for educational and informational purposes only. For further information see:

2 Responses to “Stephen Pratt speaking to Sheriffs at WSSA conference”

  1. Jude Thibault Says:

    To ; Stephen Pratt, Sir, Thank you for the 3 part presentation, it was very well presented and educational..
    Of course, America has been subdued at this time, If people would only make the effort to learn their country’s history and unite to regain control of our country !
    I am a Canadian born Naturalized American ,july 1954.
    Am a loner here in Crossville Tn. looked upon as weird for the time I spend studying America’s history..
    In his Farewell Address, George Washington predicted America would almost be lost,but at the end a patriotic leader would surface and bring back this country to its Christian heritage..I hope and Pray.
    You may know about the following article, sending it just in case you don’t.
    Sincerely Jude–+Lawyer+Deceptions+!+by+Ben+Gates%2C

  2. Jack Says:

    Dear Mr. Pratt,

    As a member of OathKeepers and CSPOA, I am very appreciative of your presentation. Remembering our Independence Day and those who made and have sustained it for us.

    In Liberty.


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