Our written Constitution is a legally binding contract

Our written Constitution is a legally binding contract. And because it was a contract between states it’s called a compact, and because the compact constitutes our plan of government, its called our Constitution.

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  1. Cindy Macdonald Says:

    Beautiful. The truth is always beautiful. However, I think a preamble is set apart at the top to be especially noticed. A contract has to be between competent people. There has to be meaningful understanding by all parties to the contract or it isn’t a contract; it cannot be ‘binding’. That is why children are not legally able to form a contract. Their age precludes them from such an adult obligation. As we grow from a child to adulthood, receiving a quality education about our freedoms and how to preserve them, then we represent the “PEOPLE” in the preamble. If we are poorly educated and misinformed; told the constitution is outdated and that our country has outgrown it,and we believe this nonsense, then we are not the ”PEOPLE” in the preamble, and it will be taken away from us as easy as stealing candy from a baby.

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