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  1. Kimberly Murray Says:

    Dear Mr. Pratt,

    I was so moved by your videos. . .moved to tears, moved to talk, moved to write. After I dried my tears, I talked to anyone who would listen about the direction our great nation is headed. When talking about issues of such monumental importance, it is often misconstrued as speech-making or preaching, and though others may continue to look at you, you can see they have stopped listening. Therefore, after speaking to others, I began a journal of my core beliefs and values and found they were consistent with those you uphold. So I asked myself what do I do? Certainly, I will not remain quiet on this subject, my children and grandchildren will continue to be my most frequent audience as they are my first and foremost obligation. Though my children range in age from nineteen to thirty, I still feel an obligation upon learning anything of value, to pass this on to my progeny. I believe I have an obligation first to God, then to my country and my family. There is much sound advice contained in the Bible, regarding how to live a good life. There is one scripture in particular whose admonition I seem to have no trouble following, that of Matthew 7:7 to “keep on asking. . .keep on seeking”. I am inquisitive naturally. Even after over 40 years of being asked why I ask so many questions, why when one question is answered, do I ask yet another question; I can only answer, “for the same reason I breathe after just drawing a breath”. I can no more imagine a life without curiosity than a life without breathing, in either case I would suffocate. Which leads me to my next question: where do I begin? Of course, I know the best place to begin is at the beginning, still, sometimes I am not sure where to start. Would you kindly give me some suggestions?

    Best regards,
    Kimberly Murray

  2. Joyce Mitchell Says:

    Dear Brother Pratt, I heard you deliver the first lecture in Orem at the end of 2009. It was wonderfully eye opening, clear and fun. I thought 90 minutes had passed and it was actually 3 hrs.
    Thank you for the service you rendered to us and to liberty. I bought the book LThe Law by Frederic Bastiat afterward. I read it and feel so happy to be nourished by such a good book recomendation.
    I look forward to your next Orem lecture.

  3. Alisa Says:

    Just finished the series of lectures in Orem, UT. My husband and I really enjoyed listening to Steve and the lectures opened our eyes to plight of Liberty. We are ready to read and learn more so that we can be instruments in God’s hands to bring back the Liberties our great land was founded upon.

  4. Susan Sorensen Says:

    Dear Brother Pratt,
    Your lecture in Manti last evening was just fantastic! What a great job you did! I’ve watched my Know Your Liberty videos several times and have learned truths I’ve not heard anywhere else. Now you’re sharing more and more exciting tidbits of truth that have the power to change the course of history. It’s just awesome!
    Today I sent out an email to many patriots in Sanpete County encouraging them to attend next week’s lecture in Manti. I already know how great it will be! Thanks so very much.
    Lovin’ liberty,

  5. Destry Balch Says:

    Mr Pratt, Thank you so much for your time in Beaver. I can say with out any reservation your classes were the best use of my friday nights I have ever spent. I can and do tell all who can, to go see you. Sense I came to your classes I have read over 2000 pages and for the first time in my life I want to keep reading on this subject. Which brings me to my question. What book would you advise people to read to better understand the constitution. I have read the 5000 year leap and it was great. I am just looking for more on what it really means.

  6. colleen Says:

    Absolutely love your work and am eternally grateful for your incredible example of Statesmanship. Thank you for serving and impacting our society and fellow patriots as you do and fulfilling your personal mission so profoundly.
    Wanted to let you know you know have a weak link on your the New American. Simply a spelling typo but far too many will not catch and thus potentially miss out on an incredible subscription, especially if they’re new to the cause.
    Again, thank you for “Being the Change we wish to see in our world.” Colleen

  7. Jerry Nebeker Says:

    I have attended many of your classes facilitated by my daughter Jill Hudson. I not only thoroughly enjoy your classes but I am most appreciative of all the books and vidos that you make available to us. I have purchased (by donation) most of them. One of my favorites has been the “Uncle Eric Series” by Richard J. Maybury. I am so impressed with his eleven-book series that I’ve purchased copies for all of my children to read and share with my grandchildren as they get old enough to read and understand. All fourteen of them are being home-schooled. Thanks again for all that you do and share with us.
    Jerry Nebeker

  8. Janel Norwood Says:

    Attended your lecture yet again and as always, not disappointed. My 15 year old son (9th grader) came along with me. He purchased a lot of Constitutions to pass out to his church group and other friends.

    I always enjoy the suggested reading that gives me direction in my quest to homeschool my children. The lectures are educational and entertaining. Thank you so much for sharing your passion and knowledge. You always re-ignite my passion to share with those around me. This is a must attend class for everyone. Will attend every time I possibly can. See you in February in Provo!

  9. Rob Williams Says:

    I’ve only watched your old VHS series “Freedom in the 90s”, a couple of times, and want to become more involved. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do.

  10. Ralph Richey Says:

    My wife and I attended a conference in St. George we were given about 60 copies of the constitution which we passed on to some of the inmates at Purgatory Correctional in St. George. My wife and I have been teaching out there for almost 5 years. We do the LDS 12 step meetings and we do 2 different nights where we teach (non denominational) life skills to both the men and the women. It’s during these groups that we passed out the constitutions and teach about it. We also teach how it’s being diluted and how important it is for them to vote and know the constitution and what it stands for. Also we explain how important it is pass this on to their children.
    I don’t know how many we get though to but we keep trying.

    Thank You for all you do!

  11. Oak Says:

    Brother Pratt, I’m praying for your successful recovery and hoping your work on the earth isn’t done yet. You’re a real patriot and a saint. God bless you for your devotion to freedom and the gospel, which are part and parcel of each other.

  12. Carolyn Alder Says:

    Stephen Pratt has dedicated his life to teaching the principles of freedom and constitutional government. We appreciate him so much. We will keep you in our prayers.

  13. Tim Urling Says:

    I am so sad, I am so sad!! I can’t believe he’s gone! I’ve known Steve for about 5 years and he has been a huge impact on my life and political thinking. He is so important to me, I only wish I could say to him how he’s given me so much knowledge about the Gospel and America. Thank you Steve for the giant of a man you are! Let freedom Ring! A great patriot who has left eternal causes for good for generations. I love Steve Pratt!!

  14. Wayne Fish Says:

    I am shocked by Steve’s passing. Truly the earth has lost one of its giants and one of liberty’s most fierce defenders. I met him almost 20 years ago when he stopped by my foundry to talk about making castings for one of his projects. It has been my privilege ever since to make the large castings for his printing presses and the restoration work he and Ben did in Kirtland.

    He was one of the happiest men I have ever met. I don’t think I ever heard him say a disparaging word about another person. He may disagree with their ideals or philosophies, but he always had respect for the person.

    What a privilege it was to sit in his classes and bask in his knowledge of and conviction to the principles of freedom or to be in his shop to see his handiwork, which was amazing, or discuss his latest research or project. Those were times never to be forgotten.

    I have been forever changed by my association with Stephen Pratt. My most sincere condolences to his family from all of us who knew him at Horizon Metals.

  15. Steve Reed Says:

    I heard Steven Pratt speak once at an event and was captivated by his unique personality and his teaching approach. Since then I sought out and watched some other presentations of his, I even listened to one that was three hours long and I enjoyed the whole thing. The world is definitely better because he was in it.

  16. Russell Blank Says:

    Wow, over the last few years I have begun waking up. I happened upon the Glenn Beck program in 2009 and heard (or learned) things about our country that I didn’t know.

    Glenn recommended that we read the 5000 Year Leap. I did. I was fascinated by the story of the guy that taught these classes to his community.

    Ever since I have had a passion for learning about our wonderful country and our precious Constitution.

    In December 2012, I happened across an mp3 on the internet by Stephen Pratt. I listened to it as I was in bed falling asleep. But it was so interesting I just laid there for two hours enjoying every minute, often rewinding to hear parts of it again.

    I listened to that mp3 several times over the next few days, and on the third time I had a piece of paper and pen with me so that I could take notes of what I was learning.

    Today I did an internet search for “Stephen Pratt mp3” because I wanted to learn more from this amazing teacher, and wondered if I too could organize a group of friends to listen to him speak.

    One of the links led me to this website where I read the incredible news that Brother Pratt had picked up and moved back home about 10 days ago. With tears in my eyes right now I am writing a heart felt tribute to a man I never met, but that I can say I love!

    I would like to attend his funeral to learn more about him.

    Mr Pratt, thank you for the time and effort that you have invested in us and our country! You are an incredible teacher. I hope to shake your hand someday.

    Russ Blank

  17. Glenn Stoneman Says:

    I am saddened to hear of Stephen’s passing. I met Stephen at a “Know your liberty” presentation about 3 years ago. He changed the course of my life. Since meeting him I have become a U.S. citizen and now teach a course on the Constitution.

    I loved to sit in his classes and soak up all the information he had to offer. I share the knowledge I gained with anyone who will listen.

    He is a great defender of Liberty and will be missed.

  18. David C. Skousen Says:

    Steve is indeed a princely man. We flew together (he was the pilot) to several Constitutional seminars where we taught for the (then) Freemen Institute. He taught me that it was possible to have a positive attitude and a Godly smile, come what may. Heaven has now been made richer and this dark world will miss him, a brother who showed to me the ideal man of God.

  19. Genielle Brown Says:

    Over 30 years ago, I was in charge of a Constitution course in Lovell, WY. There was a bad snow storm that day when we expected Steve to fly in to give the course. I was praying hard that he would make it, and when he got there, he told me that he had just flown over the Big Horn Mountains from Sheridan in that heavy snow storm to make it to teach us. That is how dedicated a man he was to his commitments.
    I was very grateful, for I had a meeting hall full of people of different faiths there to be taught by this Godly man. The Freeman Institute is still remembered by the young people who attended and now are the leaders in our area.

  20. Paul Ritscher Says:

    When Steve first started making his reproduction presses I contacted him and found a very approachable and remarkable man. We exchanged printed work and over the next few years I occasionally called and was always amazed at his descriptions of whatever project he happened to be working on. One time it was dogsleds, another time it was the creation of a period chandelier; he always found time for a few kind words. He was immensely dedicated to his work, and he always spoke with great pride about his family. The day I discovered that he had died I was researching the common threads to our family’s genealogy. I had just found out that he was my 14th cousin twice removed. There was no one that I wished to have been able to share this information more than with than Steve. Rest well cousin.

  21. Richard Lawrence Says:

    While I never had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Pratt, I did enjoy our dealings over his article for The Journal of the Printing Historical Society. There had been a lot of interest in a detailed photographic study of Gutenberg’s early printing and some ‘inspired’ extrapolations about how Gutenberg might have made his type that resulted from tiny variations in letter forms that were noted. Stephen set to and with consumate skill tried to reproduce the conditions of early printing using press, type, ink and paper that he had made himself. He then examined the results photographically and noted variations very similar to those noted in Gutenberg’s printing. He showed by practical experimentation that the variations noted did not need a complicated explanation: they are likely the result of an ordinary printing process carried out in ‘primitive’ conditions. Scholars badly need people like Stephen to test their theories in practice. He will be missed.

  22. Alan Dye Says:

    I only knew Steve through his interest in building replica printing presses, but always enjoyed our phone conversations immensely. Steve was extremely knowledgeable about printing history, printing technology, and western expansion history and Utah history. These last two were also a passion of mine and I always enjoyed his insights. I have Albion Press #18 that Steve and Ben built and it is a treasured possession that I’ll always have. My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends on the loss of this great individual.

  23. Sam Bushman Says:

    I have been a friend of Steve Pratt for almost twenty years. I have been his student, friend, and colleague, and greatly appreciate his knowledge on all things relating to God, Family, and Country. I was lucky enough to interview him on my talk show several times. I appreciate my association with Steve. He will be sorely missed.

  24. Mark Barbour Says:

    I met Steve for the first time over 15 years ago when he and Lou Crandall visited our Printing Museum in Los Angeles. This was at the beginning of Steve’s “new” vocation of recreating antique printing presses. To meet Steve is to increase your circle of friends, and I have been blessed ever since to have enjoyed that dear friendship with him, both as a colleague and personally. Steve was one of the rare gems in our field of printing history, a man who combined scholarship, very broad and tremendous skills and aptitude with practical application, and insightful vision. He has helped us to understand early processes and techique because he was willing and able to explore them firsthand. Steve’s imprint will be long-lasting, especially considering he probably built more presses than many of the original 19th century press manufacturers and inventors! We use Steve’s Gutenberg Press at our Printing Museum every day and with tremendous pride speak of Steve’s craftmanship to visitors daily. Thank you, Steve, for all that you have done and more importantly for your warm, engaging friendship!

  25. Bliss Tew Says:

    The temperature was 17-degrees below zero in Burley, Idaho the night of January 16, 2013. The next frosty morning JBS Coordinator Dale Pearce and I found his car’s brakes were frozen when we began our trip to Idaho Falls. When we stopped to inspect the brakes we found them smoking. We stopped at a brake shop for repairs then traveled the icy freeways barely arriving on time at the Idaho Falls luncheon where I was to give a presentation as the Regional Field Director over eleven states for The John Birch Society, a presentation concerning the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and our Society’s recommendations for nullification by State Legislatures. My message propounded on the Society’s opposition to the creation of Insurance Exchanges. Interposition by Legislatures in the fifty states would be essential to stop the takeover of healthcare by the federal government. It was just the kind of message my friend Stephen Pratt would be relaying if he remained in mortality with us, I thought.

    After the luncheon-presentation, we visited a JBS member at his Idaho Falls insurance office and he asked me if I was aware of the death of Stephen Pratt. I acknowledge that a JBS friend in Cheyenne, Wyoming had messaged me via Facebook the day after Stephen had passed away. My friend turned his laptop screen toward me and showed me the announcement of a meeting in Provo to be held Saturday, January 19th to honor Stephen Pratt and I promised him that I not only planned to attend, but I surely would attend. This launched a conversation about Stephen Pratt, his well-lived life, his amazing craftsmanship, his excellent influence on mankind. I related experiences I had enjoyed with my friend Steve Pratt. It brought to my mind just what kind of man my friend had been in mortal life, a man so widely known that I had heard of his passing from friends in Wyoming, Utah and now Idaho. Here is some of what I related to my friends as we sat in that insurance office in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

    Many years ago, when I was the area Coordinator for The John Birch Society (JBS) with a territory consisting of Utah, most of Nevada and part of Wyoming I had determined to form a JBS Chapter for the inhabitants of the Beaver, Fillmore, Meadow, Kanosh, Cove Fort, Utah area. My aim was to create for them a volunteer JBS Chapter to associate within for the purpose of better informing the inhabitants of Millard county regarding our Constitutional Republic (or as Steve called it “a Republic of Republics”). After working all week in Las Vegas, St. George, and Cedar City I stopped that Saturday in Beaver and began making cold calls on businesses, on the librarian, on city council members, etc. to see if I could find some interest in helping our Society to restore Constitutional order through educational work at the community level. It was lonely work.

    In the coming months after holding a few meetings at the Beaver Library and in a home in Kanosh, I started at “A” in the phone book and began phoning people around Millard and Beaver County. A man named Jim who owned A-1 Towing Company met with me at my hotel due to one of the calls. After we had talked for an hour he told me I should meet a Mr. Pratt who lived north of the Cove Fort.

    Without an appointment I drove past the old, stone, Cove Fort that I had visited many times and shortly found Mr. Pratt’s private road to his shop, the “Pratt Wagon and Press works.” He answered my knock with his warm smile and after I introduced myself he invited me into his office. We hit it off well from our first meeting as he told me of his 20-years working with Dr. Cleon Skousen. After listing all the books Dr. Skousen had written which I’d read as a younger man we discussed the purpose of my work with The John Birch Society. He was already well acquainted with The JBS.

    Soon we were discussing one of his rifles and he was giving me a tour of his shop. When I left that day I felt as if we were old friends and I’ve been grateful ever since that I was directed to and made friends with one of the most amiable, Christ-like, well-educated, creative, outgoing, and yet humble men I’ve ever known, the remarkably talented Stephen Pratt.

    On a subsequent visit some time later Steve signed up for a subscription to The John Birch Society’s key publication, THE NEW AMERICAN magazine and years later reported to me that he looked forward to reading every issue. Soon he was even advertising his wagon and press works business in the pages of THE NEW AMERICAN, not because he expected to garner business from the advertisements but in order to support the Society’s patriotic mission through his advertising funding. In later years he told me that he often promoted The New American magazine at functions where he was the speaker. One thing I learned was that I could count on Steve Pratt to “put his money where his mouth was” as the saying goes. He was a friend in action and deeds, not just conversationally. When he admired a work he got involved; he invested in the work; he promoted it.

    Like the late Ezra Taft Benson and Cleon Skousen, Steve recognized that the Society had played and continued to play a key role in exposing the United Nations as the framework for completion of a dangerous world Government in modern times. While it was not a popular truth to spread he was joined with us in spreading that information. That took courage, a character trait Stephen was never found lacking in. He knew that The JBS had exposed the CFR and the Trilateral Commission as Internationalists bent on building their own world government by empowering the UN and other supranational governmental structures.

    Steve Pratt knew of the Society’s work in exposing International Communism as a criminal conspiracy and the kind of smear campaigns The JBS had suffered as a result so he gave what support he could to our summer camps for the education of youth concerning the Constitution and to our five-decades-old Society. Often when I’d stop by on my way through Southern Utah he’d hand me a $100 bill and say, “Use this as you need it, for gas, or meals, or whatever.” I’d turn the money over to The JBS with my expense report submission knowing that Steve Pratt had helped finance my week’s work expenses.

    Steve was a decisive man who meant business. Despite his obvious good natured sense of humor that permeated his speech he was deadly serious about restoring respect for and understanding of the U.S. Constitution’s role in limiting government to its proper role among his fellow Americans. He was serious about warning Americans far and wide about the groups of conspirators who were combined to build their “new world order” that I too was working to expose. We had discussions with each other whenever an opportunity presented itself about what we could do more to awaken our fellow Americans to “a sense of their awful situation.”

    On occasions we met at his office, or when he was on the road at his speaking engagements in Provo, or Highland, or Orem, or St. George or elsewhere. Telling him my plans for building a chapter near him, he helped me to establish a JBS Chapter in Fillmore, Utah, even though he had not himself joined as a JBS member. (He wanted to continue giving his talks as an unaffiliated proponent of freedom and the Constitution.)

    Together on one such visit we devised a plan for building the JBS Chapter for people living in his area. He committed to teaching a multiple-week class on the Constitution to mutual friends and others he knew that I did not who lived in the surrounding area. At the conclusion of his six-week course I met with many of those who had attended his course and signed up ten new members of The John Birch Society, appointed a Vietnam veteran suffering the effects of Agent Orange as its Chapter Leader and formed a new JBS Chapter. Steve’s educational work had been essential in forming the chapter so I stopped by and thanked Steve for teaching his classes and his generous voluntary time investment. He just leaned back from me a little and gave me one of his big smiles. A picture I can always recall.

    The night before Dr. Cleon Skousen passed away in 2006, I was giving a JBS presentation in St. George, Utah to a group of perhaps fifteen or twenty skeptical Republicans that had invited me to tell them the history of the Order of the Illuminati which Professor Adam Weishaupt founded in Bavaria on May 1, 1776. Also I was relating how International Communism and other revolutionary combinations were the offspring of the Illuminati combination. After relating to them a great deal of history leading up to Dr. Carroll Quigley’s 1966 book “Tragedy and Hope” and Dr. Cleon Skousen’s book, “The Naked Capitalist,” a book that gleaned its information from Quigley’s book, some of them remained skeptical and I knew they needed another witness. I told them that R. Stephen Pratt was giving a presentation the following night at the St. George Tabernacle.

    At Stephen’s presentation the following night he told the story of his introduction to Cleon Skousen at a presentation Dr. Skousen had given decades before in a garage in Provo and related to the seated audience that Dr. Skousen had just passed away that very day. Then he presented his “Which Father Are You Following?” power-point presentation to some two-hundred people gathered to hear him speak. Among those seated in the tabernacle were about five of the people that had attended my presentation the night before. As Stephen’s presentation confirmed what I had presented to them the night before they would turn their heads and look at me acknowledging that they had a second and confirming witness from my friend Steve Pratt. It seemed almost miraculous to me at the time that his presentation would have so many confirming points for them. But then, I smiled, it seems that such little miracles followed Stephen Pratt.

    One night at a “Constitution Day” celebration held at the Provo Tabernacle, Steve and I separately arrived early to prepare for the event. While I was to be the emcee at the event and my soldier son was to lead the pledge in his dress uniform Stephen was setting up a big book table. I asked him how he priced his books. He said he simply asked for a donation if someone took something from his table, but if a person didn’t have funds for a donation then whatever they needed from his table was free. He told me that he nearly always came out with sufficient fund to reimburse his expenditures on books and videos. It was another example of the generous way in which he worked. At least two-hundred people attended and his materials flew from his table as his donation jar also filled with contributions. He was right again.

    Once I chanced into his work shop when he and his son were building replicas of an old printing press for use in Independence Hall in Philidelphia, PA. They were building two such presses if I recall. The presses would be used to print copies of The Declaration of Independence which Stephen dearly loved. While I had toured the press museum on center street in Provo, Utah to view some of Steve’s handy work it was enlightening to see construction of a press underway in his shop. I marveled at his knowledge on so many subjects.

    As I recall Stephen Pratt was even asked to lecture in London, England about type-faces and type-setting to a group of enthusiast upon these subjects. All the way from Cove Fort, Utah to London, England he was brought for his knowledge. His attention to detail and research was famous in more than one field.

    In September 2012 after attending the Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officer Association Convention and manning the JBS booth with our JBS Coordinator Bryan Turner in Las Vegas, we stopped to visit with my ailing friend at his home in Cove Fort. Though Steve was incapacitated his good nature remained. He smiled at us and struggling for his words he conversed with us. I so admired his gumption, his lovely attitude of being a gracious friend, and his holding onto his faculties under the burden of cancer. I thought I won’t see my friend again this side of the veil.

    Sadly I didn’t get to tell Stephen, but at the Las Vegas CSPOA Convention Bryan and I had eaten lunch with Michael Anthony Perutka, a Maryland Lawyer, a former 2004 Presidential Candidate for the Constitution Party and the founder of the Institute on the Constitution and what did we discuss? One topic was our mutual friend and his wonderful spirit, R. Stephen Pratt. As I recall, during his 2004 campaign Mr. Perutka had made it a point to visit Stephen Pratt at his Cove Fort home because of a wonderful video that Steve had produced. He was one of thousands of admirers of our friend Stephen Pratt.

    While I could go on and relate more about my impressions of an honorable man and my memories as one of his multitude of friends, suffice it to say that R. Stephen Pratt exemplified the character traits and spirit of love that I believe distinguish a true believer in Jesus Christ. He never left any doubt in anyone’s mind that he had a testimony of his Savior and the gospel of Jesus Christ. That seemed to be the foremost message in a life well lived. He had a positive effect on this old sinner and I love him and miss him as I know thousands of mortals do.

    In my own musings about Steve I have no doubt he’s enjoying visiting with his ancestors and the great immortal spirits of men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, and that he has gladly met the Lord Jesus Christ where he heard the words, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

  26. Joseph Bigler Says:

    To the Pratt family. I am sorry for your loss. I did not know Steve on a personal basis very well at all, but I admired him as a teacher for his regard for what I would call personal and political integrity. I heard of Daniel Webster that he was even more loved by those closest too him than he was in his public capacity, though he was liked and respected there as well. That to me is a true test of ones values and charity. I have a sense that Steve might have been that same type of person.
    I have beneffited from Steve taking his time to teach and offer the wisdom he acquired and his point of view openly and freely. I should also thank those of you in his family who must have sacrificed of your time with him.
    Thank you.
    Joe Bigler

  27. Dwayne Thompson Says:

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your time, diligence and heart in taking down that first step in helping Dr. Skousen. Without men like you two, America would be in worse shape than it is. I have read ‘The 5000 Year Leap’ 3 times and am now teaching it (leading. don’t feel qualified to teach such extraordinary research and material). I truly feel this book should be a text book in our high schools and colleges. I can’t read the book without shedding tears. I think the tears come from the unbelievable effort to write the book which demonstrates the love of our country as well as tears for what has happened to the work of such great men.
    There have been countless great men throughout time come along that God has used in ways that only God knows the extent. I believe Mr. Skousen and Mr. Pratt are two of those men.
    Thank you.
    Dwayne Thompson

  28. Carolyn Bauer Says:

    My husband and I loved Steve’s knowledge, understanding, and excitement about teaching true history and Constitutional principles to all who would listen. He was also excellent on current events and the voting records of the representatives of the people in the area of his lecturing. He was very generous with his time and talents. We even visited him at his machinery shop and he recommended books that we acquired and found very useful. We are truly sad for his family’s loss and to all patriots and students of freedom.
    Enoch, Utah

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